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Sex And Politics Are The Most Interesting Games Humans Have Devised

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19th August 2010

11:26pm: Elf-bait
Finished watching Avatar tonight. My brain is already working on the script for a sequel. I have to figure that somebody wants to watch the version of Avatar II where James Cameron hires Charlie Stross to write the script and the climax of the movie has Pandora's planetary neural network use bionano to eat a Terran military fleet in Pandoran orbit while leaving the crews alive.

5th December 2009

5:57pm: Anybody got a Google Wave invite laying around that I could have?

27th September 2009

9:15pm: Gamepads
Does anybody reading this have a strong opinion on PC gamepads?

10th June 2009

2:44pm: LFG
The course offerings over the summer at BCC left me clammy (no math to progress that most necessary track), so instead I'm looking for an open source project to work on over the summer. Does anybody reading my LJ have any suggestions, either for a project or a way to find a project that could use my contributions? I'm hoping to find something in either Python or Ruby that can take on a dev who's trying to pick up the language as he goes.
10:27am: Ow
Ow! Frak! Rope burn on my dominant hand! Essay final TODAY. OW OW OW FRAK OW. STUPID FRAKKING HORSE. Ow.

28th May 2009

2:41pm: Burn!
Matt to the Y brings the pain; "If you’re a white guy looking to vent about how Puerto Rican women growing up poor in the Bronx get unfair advantages in life, the conservative movement has a lot to offer you."

9th May 2009

11:16am: Barak Obama,
the first nerd president.
9:51am: Everything I Needed To Know I Learned From Star Trek
Star Trek: The Next Generation, seventeen years later, still bringing the awesome.

20th April 2009

1:34pm: Sharing Is An Essential Part of Caring
A woman in liquor production
Owns a still of exquisite construction.
The alcohol boils
Through magnetic coils.
She says that it's "proof by induction."

10th March 2009

8:26pm: All Alan Moore fans should follow this safe-for-work link.

8th March 2009

11:26am: The Futility of Long-Term Planning
I have a baby. In a wrap that's holding him to my chest with his head against my heart. While my laptop plays Blondie. And I'm rocking in a reciiner.

See, this is why I never make plans for further in the future than two years.

18th December 2008

6:28pm: Four Fewer Teeth Than Yesterday
I'm home after my wisdom teeth extraction. The extraction was described later, to lady_equine as 'difficult', though it ended up working out well in the game. Now I have gaping holes in my gumlines, enough swelling to make it look like I lost a bar fight to a gnome, and Percocet. lady_equine is nursing me quite aggressively, which is helping make me feel rather loved.

Please feel free to come visit or send well-wishes. Especially since, due to the difficulty and relatively high trauma of the extraction, I am forbidden to go anywhere for, like, a week, so I'm going to be missing at least two different parties that I know of (and I am quite grumpy about missing the chance to hang out with some of the loveliest and friendliest ladies I know).

10th December 2008

4:58pm: Fox finals done. Fox fall down now.


6th December 2008

6:18pm: Reading these Battlestar Galactica game session reports over at BoardGameGeek makes me want to have julzerator bring her copy over to the ranch with some people to play it with on a weekly basis.

6th November 2008

7:46pm: World of Warcraft
lady_equine has posted a question for the World of Warcraft players among our friends. We're looking to see who's planning on playing with the release of Wrath of the Lich King, what server you're on, what side you play on, stuff like that. I'm giving serious thought to leaving my Shadowsong characters behind and starting a death knight on lady_equine's server, Silvermoon, since a big part of my enjoyment of playing MMOGs is talking with my friends and general virtual hanging out. I'd ask everyone that might comment here to instead go over to her LJ and comment there instead, so that we can all see what's up in one place.

21st October 2008

6:33pm: Needy
A) Does anybody think that they could help me move a desk and/or a dresser in the next 11 days or so, from the Haunted, out to the ranch?

B) Anybody got a graphic calculator I could have or buy? I'm getting into calc in college and will be needing one (and by 'will be needing one', I mean, 'already have needed one, but didn't have it').

12th August 2008

6:44pm: I Always Wanted To Fly Through The Galaxy In A Black Leather Vest With My Hirstute Copilot
ZOMG. Star Wars sheets, reborn! If you strike the 80s down, they will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine!

30th July 2008

1:02pm: Scare Quotes!
Paul Campos over at Lawyers, Guns, and Money posts at length about the 'childhood obesity epidemic'. Based on the scare quotes, you might surmise that he doesn't buy it, and you'd be right.

I don't know enough to really have a strong opinion, though Campos makes a good case. What I do know is that the BMI standards put out by the World Health Organization and in wide use in the US are completely bogus. They think I should weigh 165 or so, which I have never weighed (since getting my full height), even when I was 16 and doing varsity wrestling. Even crazier, they think the 6'7" meowse should weigh 220; he'd be dead if he were that underweight.
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